[BURTS] Guinness

The first Burts brand flavour crisps I tried was Lamb, Mint and Mango and I was fairly disappointed with the flavour but extremely impressed with the brand Burts itself. So, I decided to give them another go and see how another flavour shaped up. I found a flavour that I had previously seen on another crisp reviewers blog that they had wanted to try but could not find, and I was intrigued and thought to myself…

“Guinness. Interesting. I bet they have a good strong taste. I will definitely give them a try”

And not only 2 weeks after seeing them on the blogs I found them within 5 minutes of my house. Dreams do come true I guess?


Packaging – A feast for the eyes?

First impressions…’Posh Crisps‘. Very bold, clean and simple. A HUGE Guinness symbol on the top and a picture of the crisps. A nice chocolate brown package reminiscent of a pink of Guinness, without the ‘head’ obviously. The back of the packet discusses the fusion of Burts and Guinness. Strong Iconic Irish Stout. The Ultimate Snack In A Pack. Rich Blend. Take Your Taste Buds To The Extreme. Well God Damn, these had better be all that (…and a bag of chips, heh)


Although…The ingredients list proves very interesting reading…

Milk Powder, Cocoa Powder and Cream Powder?  

So, this is a desert crisp?  But, Guinness stout is made from water, barley, roast malt extract, hops, and brewer’s yeast. A portion of the barley is roasted to give Guinness its dark colour and characteristic taste. Guinness features a burnt flavour that is derived from roasted, unmalted barley

Um… Wheres the cocoa and shit? Oh Well. Lets give these a go.


Flavour for the senses?

The smell is there as soon as the packet opens. Its smelts like a sweet burnt soy smell. The smell reminds me of two things, Twiglets and Teriyaki sauce. They are especially dark in colour, the darkest crisps I have seen, and again remind me of Twiglets. There is little to no residue left on my fingers which for me can be hit or miss. If there seasoning is especially delicious I LOVE to lick the residue off. But If it’s not good…hmmmm..

These tasted to me exactly like Yo! Sushi Teriyaki sauce which I LOVE, I have stated that if I could buy that sauce I would and drink buckets of it, slather it on anything and everything I eat, but this flavour is like the sauce but left out for a day. Its still good but alittle off and not as strong.




These crisps are moreish, for the first 2 minutes, after that I didn’t have anymore interest in them. Until 2 minutes later. I went back, snacked again and gave up again. I kept going back and forth like that until nearly all the pack was done. But I did not finish the packet. Again, this is a big red flag for me. Plus, these are supposed to be thick cut, I really could not tell.


Guinness is the obvious choice for a pairing, but I got a craving for coke, so either.


Does it taste good?

Yes. But, not so much so that I would purchase again. The flavour was good, but also not. I am very conflicted. I did not hate these and I did not love them. I did not dislike these and I did not like them. I am pretty much split down the middle. I would say I have a more positive feeling regarding these crisps but not by miles. Probably by a casual stroll.

20170312_151756The Ratio of product to package is approx 3:4

Pros Cons
 Strong Aroma

Good Packaging

Good Brand and Values

Slightly ‘Off’ Taste

Not Thick Cut

False Statements of Flavour

Going back for more?

No. If there is not other choice but these I will not be upset to have them, but I would most likely pick something else…except anything on the D list.

Are they all that and a bag of chips?


 12/20      Taste  12/20   Flavour  10/20  Moreish  15/20        Ratio  18/20  Packaging
Total:  67/100


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