[CALBEE] Grill – a -Corn BBQ

 My original post regarding the Calbee brand can be found on my review of the Eel Kabayaki flavoured corn chip found here.


I am alittle confused regarding this particular flavour. Initially, I believed this buttered corn on the cob flavour. Now reading the packet it is Grill-A-Corn BBQ flavour. I’m not exactly sure what I am getting? Is it supposed to taste like Buttered Corn? Grilled Corn? Barbecued and Smoked? Really not sure what I am supposed to be getting.


The ingredients say BBQ seasoning (sugars, salts, spices, flavouring, flavour enhancers) What the hell is spices and flavourings?  What particular spices and flavourings am I in for? Is this lost in translation? I am beyond confused…


Enter a caption


Packaging – A feast for the eyes?

The packaging is again uninspiring but slightly more interesting in than Eel Kabayaki. Not many packets I have seen are yellow as it doesn’t really pop or show up well on most shelves.


Flavour for the senses?

The smell there is little to no smell to get you salivating. The look of the chip again is very basic and shows little colour and shows some evidence of whats in store based off the sprinkling of colours on the chip. (Must be those spices and flavourings….)

Again very ambiguous. This is a guessing game chip. But. none the less I am intrigued.20170307_171226

Does it taste good?

So, as we know those flavourings and spices are present, we have no idea what is in store. I could be eating crushed beetles for all I know. All I know, I do not know what I am tasting but GOD DAMN those spices and flavourings are delicious. Incredibly moreish and sweetly subtle in flavour. Ever so slightly sweet, ever so slightly spiced with a nice buttery under taste. Understated. But, I really wish I knew what I was tasting so I could confirm if this is really true to taste.

I had devoured mine with a glass of pink moscato which did not work but it was one of those days so alcohol was needed. A less zingy lemonade ( Englands ‘white’ Lemonade) or even a spritzer would be good.

20170307_171216The Ratio of product to package is approx 2:3

Pros Cons
Simple and easy to eat

Nice subtle Flavour


Mixed Messages Regarding Ingredients

Expensive Due to Import

Little to no Aroma

Going back for more?

People always say you should not eat anything that you do not know exactly what it is. Well, those flavourings and spices have me so I will make an exception. Yes I would buy these again. But I would probably pick something else before I choose these.

Are they all that and a bag of chips?


 16/20      Taste  15/20   Flavour  18/20   Moreish  15/20        Ratio  13/20  Packaging
Total: 77/100


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