[KOIKEYA] Potechi -Teriyaki

Koikeya is a major manufacturer of snacks in Japan. Glico is another big name that makes Pocky another great snack similar to a snack from my childhood, [KP] Choc Dips, but a little more refined. I can’t find much information on Koikeya as it is mainly all in Japanese. The Potechi Brand was made for Europe creating the Teriyaki and Wasabi Nori flavoursThey have made many interesting flavours of potato and corn chips such as Strawberry Shortcake, Butter and Soy, Grilled Corn, Peach, Banana and Milk and Toast to name a few.


Packaging – A feast for the eyes?

The packaging is very simple and understated. It denotes heritage and prestige, a strong sense of pride and devotion and definitely comes across as a premium  crisp brand. No basic red and blue packaging as you would see with more basic brand crisps, but definitely does not promote the generic ‘posh crisp’ look. I feel that a black packet would be stronger to confirm this but the deep brown works too, the kanji (hirigana or katakana, not quite sure) further pushes its heritage and pushes this as a distinct Japanese brand.


Flavour for the senses?

The smell doesn’t hit you immediately after you open the packet but as soon as you do take in that aroma of sweet, sticky and spicy with a hint of umami it is intoxicating. It smells exactly like a sweet smoked chicken skewer basted in teriyaki sauce with lightly burnt edges of chicken skin. The ingredients list Sugar, Soy,  Miso Powder, Garlic Powder and all those delicious E numbers that makes everything so bad but so so good. And its all there, as a furiously chomp away with relentlessly abandon you can taste every little thing. The tang, the smoke, the sweet, the salt. It’s all there. This light crisp with hardly any visual stimulation with regards to spices and specks of flavour and colour to the crisp, 1000% makes up for it with the smell and flavour. Incredibly moreish, so moreish that in fact returned to my local Asian supermarket to buy another 10 packs. Easily my one of my top 10 crisps. It’s a shame they are so expensive because of import.

Perfect with beer. Asahi would be a great pairing, plus it would be inkeeping with the heritage. Asahi Black even better.


Does it taste good?

Yes. God Yes. I think i had a religious experience eating these. Remember in Ratatouille when the food critic ate the Ratatouille that Remy made and ‘PHWONG‘ was sent back to the memory of his mothers Ratatouille?  I had that. But, without the rat and being in France. I had the ‘PHWONG‘ rush and realisation that I experienced something great.

I could have easily eaten 2 packs in 1 sitting, a ‘sharing’ pack size would be great. I put sharing in quotations because I never share sharing packs. These should be standard sized packs.

20170228_115223The Ratio of product to package is approx 3:4

Pros Cons
 Strong Aroma

Good Packaging

Good Brand and Values


True to Taste

‘PHWONG’ Factor

Incredibly Moreish

Packet Not Big Enough

Expensive Due to Import

Going back for more?

10 packs after 1 tasting should tell you all you need to know.

Are they all that and a bag of chips?


 20/20      Taste  20/20   Flavour  20/20  Moreish  18/20        Ratio  15/20  Packaging
Total:  93/100


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