[BURTS] Lamb, Mint & Mango

Burts is a British brand and therefore these are crisps, not chips and considering I am also British I will also be saying crisps in all my reviews. Burts make their crisps in Devon and have strong values with regards to their product and their people. Each packet has the name of the person who fried the crisps on each packet, much like how Lush Cosmetics also state on each product who made the product. It gives a much more personable experience and a sense of care and pride for the customer, staff and product.

I get a great sense of pride and devotion from only briefly researching the Burts brand, and Sony was the ‘fryer’ for my particular pack of crisps. Also, these crisps are Gluten Free, and also free from MSG, Hydrogentated Fat,  Artificial Colours and Flavourings.


Packaging – A feast for the eyes?

The packaging is beautiful. It really stands out amongst a sea of plain old red and blue  packets. Definitely, looks like a ‘posh crisp’.


Flavour for the senses?

Right off the bat, as soon as I opened the packet I could smell the crisps. There was a strong aroma of spice and mint particularly. The lamb scent came after but I never got the scent of lamb again after that initial opening. They have a slightly dark orange hue, so that tells me they are loaded with spices and powdered herbs. There are also speckles of  black, green and red. I am assuming this is Mint, Black Pepper and Chillies but after checking the ingredients listing there is no pepper or chillies listed.


I imagine these would taste good with a light beer or a nice light white wine.

20170224_160509.jpgDoes it taste good?

Initially, yes. After a while I could only taste the mint and a small hint of lamb. There was no mango flavour and it really needed that balance of sweet and savoury because after a while the crisps just tasted burnt. The first ever ‘posh crisps’ i had were when Walkers (Lays) Sensations were released and my first packet was Lamb and Mint. They were so, so, SO, good. I could taste every little bit of seasoning they had used. It really tasted like lamb with mint sauce. I was really hoping to recapture that with these but it just didn’t happen.

Unfortunately, these did not live up to my expectation.



20170224_160453The Ratio of product to package is approx 2:3



Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
 Strong Aroma

Good Packaging

Good Brand and Values

Not True to Taste

Not Moreish



Going back for more?

Initially these were very moreish, but as that burnt flavour started to take over I started to slow down on my normal ravenous consumption of crisps and stopped eating. I then eventually went back in and tried to finish the packet which brought some of the lamb flavours back again but I gave up and left about 1/4 of the product.


Would I buy these again… No. But I love the brand and what they convey and stand for so I will definitely try other flavours with high hopes.


Are they all that and a bag of chips?


 10/20      Taste  10/20   Flavour  10/20  Moreish  15/20        Ratio  15/20  Packaging
Total:  60/100





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